A Skilled Physician,
A Passionate Cook.

Dr. Rolf Hissom is a skilled, dedicated physician who has delivered top-notch health care to the Muskegon community for over 25 years. He has a similar passion for culinary excellence. His recipes have been influenced by his Appalachian upbringing. Dr. Rolf’s Barbeque aspires to deliver quality food to the Muskegon community.
Dr Rolfs BBQ

Dr. Rolf's Barbeque Origins

Dr. Rolf and Judy have raised five children together. During those 28 years, they had many opportunities to share their passion for food and hospitality with their community, friends, and family. This passion and new season of life has afforded them the opportunity to open their own restaurant.

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Rolf & Judy

While Dr. Rolf has long had a passion for BBQ, his wife, Judy, has been his most ardent advocate. So when the time came to turn their dream of owning a restaurant into a reality, Judy stepped up to take the lead. She’s promoted their BBQ at scores of community events over the years, so developing Dr. Rolf’s Barbeque restaurant in downtown Muskegon was second nature for her.


Located in the heart of Muskegon

We love being a part of historic downtown Muskegon and the diverse community around it! With its incredible history and gorgeous architecture, along with its wonderful beaches, we’re proud to serve this beautiful West Michigan city. We’re located across the street from L.C. Walker Arena, so stop in before the game!

Our History

Dr. Rolf has provided medical care to the Muskegon area for decades, practicing his passion for BBQ during his off time. After years of sharing his unique blends of flavor with friends and family, he and his wife Judy decided that it was time to open their own BBQ restaurant.

They purchased and renovated a building in the historic downtown area. After converting the beautiful building into a restaurant and developing a diverse menu of unique and savory dishes, the doctor is finally ‘in’ and ready for the public.

Open Positions

Kitchen Manager Muskegon

Dr. Rolf's Barbeque is looking for a full time, experienced Kitchen Manager. We are offering a competitive salary, health benefits, paid vacation and a 401 K plan. Candidates must have 2 years kitchen manager experience and be willing to work evenings and weekends.

Watch Us Go
Having witnessed the rebirth of downtown Muskegon, Rolf and Judy are excited to contribute to the fabric of its resurgence and chose to start their new barbeque restaurant in the heart of Muskegon. “We want to be just one more reason why Muskegon is one of the best cities in Michigan.”