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Dr. Rolf’s Barbeque is located in historic downtown Muskegon. You can call us at (231) 246-2168 to place your order for fresh craft barbeque. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to dial. We’ll be happy to talk to you anytime!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

We love this place! Everything we have tried on the menu is delicious and the hot buttered rum was amazing. The little outside enclosed seating is cozy and private and just warm enough. They are practicing good CoVid protocol and I felt really safe.

Rebecca St.Clair
Rebecca St.Clair

We had an excellent time. The tents (mini greenhouses) were warm and comfortable. Food outstanding and service was fabulous. HIGHLY recommend Dr. Rolfs. We will definitely be going back.

Laura Goeman Pontus
Laura Goeman Pontus

We had this for dinner tonight! It was ready when they said it would be and ooh so good. Add some cornbread waffles to your order and get the spicy mustard bbq. Let’s just say I didn’t have leftovers because I couldn’t stop eating it!

Abbey Goodburn

The igloo dining was so perfect for the winter with heat lamps and ample space (I thought I might feel claustrophobic but it was very comfortable). The brisket tacos and chili were amazing and I am SO impressed with the clever idea to do the cornbread waffles (that may have been my favorite part of the meal). Great service from the staff, too. We felt tended to but not bothered or rushed. The food was great, beer was cold, the prices were reasonable, and the staff gave great service; you really can’t ask for any more from a restaurant. Will definitely be back.

Kristi Farwig
Kristi Farwig

This place is amazing and the food is excellent. I could eat here ever day. They have a great selection for everyone. I have not had anything bad from this place. Cornbread waffles are amazing.

Tammy Jo Arnold-Johnson

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